Bench54 was created in the fall of 2019 to complement Table54, to form a complete set of furniture. A bench is the traditional way of sitting together at a table. It does not specify a seating order or the number of people sitting down. Bench54 is made of the same recycled material as Table54. Thanks to the gluing technique used, the top of the bench is very resistant against deformation. This allows us to build the bench without support structures and tailor the dimensions to the customer’s wishes without compromising on stiffness. The bench can also be used as a single piece of furniture, for example in the hall or even as a sideboard in the living room.

800 – 1700 x 300 x 450mm
1800 – 2200 x 300 x 450mm

The Bench54 is available with black or white metal parts. The price is the same for all colour options.
Delivery time 2–6 weeks.


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Size: 800- 1700mm (Pine /Birch)
Size: 1800- 2200mm (Pine/ Birch)
Size: 800- 1700mm (Ash / Black Ash)
Size: 1800- 2200mm (Ash / Black Ash)
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