Laine Sideboard M

The Laine collection features elegant, minimalistic and multi-functional storage and media furniture for home interiors. The slender, open leg construction gives the furniture a lighter look.

Laine Sideboards fit well anywhere where extra storage is needed. In the hall or in bedrooms for extra storage space, or in the living room to serve as a sideboard. All furniture in the Laine collection are beautifully finished on the backsides of the units as well, so they can be used as space dividers. The Laine Sideboard collection includes a great variety of different sizes, materials and colours. You can also choose either drawers or doors for your sideboard. In addition to a wide variety of stock options, it is also possible to order custom sizes and colours.

Laine Sideboard comes in ash, walnut, or oak veneer. The painted options are Powder, Grey, Greige, and White. The painted version with structured matt paint is a sophisticated choice for the modern home. Thanks to the structured finish, fingerprints don’t show on it, which makes it a good choice for a cleaner look. Painted sideboards come with an oak veneered interior.

The Laine furniture are manufactured in Finland. Steel parts are manufactured by a local subcontractor. The product family is designed by Kirsi Pasanen and Mikko Kentta.

1380 x 350 x 850 mm
Metal legs: black / white

All Laine collection furniture are delivered pre-assembled.


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Laine sideboard M

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