The idea for Table54 emerged when we got our hands on a larger factory’s wood offcuts. We used 54 of those recycled wooden slats to form the top of the first Table54, which gave its surface an interesting look. Thanks to the gluing technique used, the table top is very resistant against deformation. This allows us to build the table without support structures and tailor the dimensions to the customer’s wishes without compromising on stiffness.

Table54 is an ideal dining table or conference table. It is available in solid oak, birch or ash. Metal parts are available in white or black.

The product is manufactured in Finland. The metal parts are manufactured by a local company. Designers: Kirsi Pasanen and Mikko Kentta, Muoto Collection.

Material options (please note that wood grain and pattern may vary, and each table has its own unique surface colour and pattern):
1. Birch, (topcoat: clear lacquer or 2.5% white tinted lacquer)
2. Oak, (topcoat: clear lacquer or 2.5% white tinted lacquer)
3. Black ash (topcoat: black stain and clear lacquer)
4. Ash (topcoat: clear lacquer or 2.5% white tinted lacquer)

2000 x 900 x 720 mm
2200 x 900 x 720 mm
2500 x 1000 x 720 mm
3000 x 1000 x 720 mm

Unable to find the right size? Ask us for custom sizes.

Table54 is available with black or white metal parts.The price is the same for all colour options. Delivery time 2–6 weeks.


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