Primus table

Primus Dining table is sophisticated choice when you are looking fresh and minimalistic design. The table is designed by Kirsi Pasanen and Mikko Kentta the founders of Muoto Collection. Primus table is manufactured in many size 80cm, ⌀90cm, ⌀100cm, ⌀110cm, ⌀120cm, ⌀130cm, ⌀140cm and ⌀150cm. the metal stand is very stable and durable.

Primus table is suitable for both small homes and larger project sites; cafes and offices.

On the table surface there is FENIX NTM® supermatt nanosurface.The table top is very durable and the color is deep matte. The nanosurface has good wear and heat resistance. The underside and the edge of the lid are painted with polyurethane paint.

The product is manufactured in Finland.
Supplied in two parts (table top and stand).

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Primus table

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